Kentucky Mud Imperial Stout

This is an American take on a classic style.  Full bodied with a hop schedule reminiscent of a lighter IPA, this beer is oak aged on dark toasted, bourbon-soaked, American oak chips.  Condition for at least 3 months after bottling to let the oak and roasted barley mellow.  But this beer really comes into its own 6-12 months out if properly stored.

Partial Mash, Partial Boil
Batch Size: 5 gallons
Boil Size: 3.75 gallons

Original Gravity: 1.074 (Boil Gravity 1.099)
Final Gravity: 1.015
65 IBU
7.7% ABV
Color: 41-42 SRM

3 lbs 2-row base malt (3L)
0.75lbs Chocolate malt (355L)
0.75lb Roasted barley (430L)
0.5lb Flaked barley (1L)

Strike with 6.2qts of 162.5F water for a single infusion mash target of 150F.
NOTE: With all the dark roasted grains, you may want to consider adjusting your water with some baking soda here, but it isn’t critical.

Sparge with enough water to run off 3.75gal of wort, then add your extracts and bring to a boil:
6 lbs Gold Malt Extract Syrup (8L)
1 lb Sugar (0L)

Columbus (13% AA)
Centennial (8.9% AA)
Cascade (7% AA)

60 min: 1oz Columbus
5 min: 1oz Cascade + 1oz Centennial

Wyeast 1332 (Northwest Ale)
Primary – 1 week @ 70F (raise to 75F the last 2-3 days, or when fermentation slows)
Oak Chips: Soak 2oz of dark-toast oak chips in Wild Turkey 101 for 1 week.  Drain and add to secondary before racking.
Secondary – 2 weeks @ 65F
Dry Hop: 1oz Cascade during secondary fermentation

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